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Simple Weddings that Trigger Senses & Leave a Lasting Impression...

It is to no surprise that I love creating beautiful & Memorable spaces. Spaces that leave a Lasting Impression. I love creating spaces that make guests feel something special. Creating that special feeling is really about creating spaces that trigger all the senses & make them come alive. Many people think that creating these spaces mean spending a lot of money, when in actuality it is far from the truth.

When someone enters a space, they should be able to use all their senses to feel that special feeling. Here, I am sharing just a couple of things that over the years, have worked in creating those feelings you want your guests to leave with.

Farm to Table Meals: Simply put, Farm to Table is fresh & cannot be compared. I cannot begin to tell you just how important it is when you are selecting a caterer for your guests meal. The difference in taste is indescribable. When eating fresh local ingredients there is really no need to add all the extra unnecessary items to make something taste good. The fresh taste is really all you need. You acquire this taste by getting a caterer that only offers local seasonal items on their menu. So think outside the box & look for restaurants, personal chefs or even local farms when selecting your caterer. Your guests are sure to leave with a lasting impression of your wedding, when the food was one of the highlights of the night. I can personally tell you that the weddings I remember attending, had amazing fresh food.

View/ Backdrop: Select a place that has a backdrop that cannot be duplicated. What I mean by this is selecting places that have an extraordinary view. This can be a view of the ocean, of the mountains, of trees etc. It can be on top of a rooftop at night where the lights of the buildings are the only lights that are needed. Lighting is also a very important part. For outdoor weddings it is almost a must to add the string of outdoor lights. That alone gives me the sense of relaxation anytime I see them. Remember, this will be the first thing your guests will see & the space that they will remember.

Florals: Although I have created beautiful huge floral centerpieces as many brides request, there is just something special about creating a floral arrangement out of the flowers straight from a floral farm. Farm to Table Florals bring something extra special to the table (no pun intended!). They are guaranteed to be what is in season which not only drives the cost down, but will always match the season your guests are in. For instance, huge Sunflowers & Hydrangeas can only be found in the summer & only really look good in my opinion, in the Summer than in the Winter. The same goes for Black Tulips, also known as Queen of the Night Tulips can be found in late winter months & look exceptionally beautiful in the Winter & not so much in the Summer. Picking florals that are in season is a must. Also remember that, Less sometimes is More. Keeping a table as simple & as neutral as possible & making your florals truly the centerpiece of the table will definitely go a long way. To add to the senses, having your guests make their own bouquets as they leave by having a Floral Station is sure to leave that lasting impression you want.

Scents: This has to be one of my favorite in regards to creativity. I love to come up with different ways that we can incorporate wonderful fragrances to entice the sense of smell. For instance my favorite season of all, Autumn or Fall as many call it. There are ways to incorporate the smell of fall by using candles (if allowed), drinks, meals, wedding favors etc. For a wedding by the Sea, guests will automatically smell the Sand & Water. If the wedding is indoors make sure to incorporate these smells throughout the venue to transport your guests to where you want them to be.

Again these are just a few little nuggets of the trade. I hope you enjoyed reading them. I also hope they have triggered something in you to think of simple things you can do to give your guests a Lasting Impression of your special day.

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