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Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue

The Wedding Venue is one of the most important parts of planning any wedding. It is where everything begins & where most of the budget will be spent. So, needless to say thinking carefully about where you choose to say your "I do's" is definitely something to carefully think about. Here , I have put together some helpful tips on Finding that Perfect Wedding Venue.

Speak about the Details: Make sure you and your partner discuss exactly what each other wants out of a venue. Topics for this discussion should include, the location, whether local or destination. The space, whether indoors or outdoors. It should include whether or not you will have the ceremony on-site or off-site. If liquor will be served and if it will be an open bar or cash bar. Knowing if you will need special accommodations for one of your guest is something to think of ahead of time so that you are prepared to ask this question to your selected venues. There are a lot of other details that need to be finalized and discussed other than color scheme and who will be in the wedding party that are critical to knowing before your search for a venue begins. Jot these down and be prepared to ask these to the venues you visit. Remember that no amount of questions is too much.

When to Start: Starting your search early is critical to getting exactly what you have dreamed of. Many venues are booked well in advance, as far as a year. Make sure that your search begins immediately if you plan to get married within 6-12 months. Once you find that perfect place make sure to put down the deposit as this will hold your date for you, but remember, deposits are usually non-refundable so make sure both you and your partner absolutely love the place.

Do not settle: Looking at more than one venue and comparing what each has to offer is important. It is very easy to want to book the first venue that you see, because of sheer excitement. Try to refrain from doing this and look at several venues. This will give you the leverage to compare and ask for better deals. Some venues will offer extras if they know another venue that is being looked at is offering it at the same price. So have fun, visit several and enjoy the experience.

I hope these little tips will help you in your search to find that perfect venue for your special day!

With Love,


Note: Image by All Buttoned Up Events-Taylor J. Photography


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