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Family Style, for the Foodie Bride & Groom

The importance of food at a wedding is not something that is new by any means. However, the crave to go all over the world, snap a pic for social media & eat - is. There are foodies everywhere & when I come across a couple that absolutely adores all kinds of foods, it truly makes my day. For I too, love everything about food. How it taste, how it looks & how it's presented. After all, it is one of those things where all of our senses are enlightened, one being our sight. The presentation of the food is key. It is one of the things your guests will experience first, aside from smell, before the food even hits their mouth. My favorite, Family Style. Here, I share with you several reasons why Family Style is something you may want to consider for your wedding.

Family Style Feels like Home - There is nothing that feels more like a family dinner at home than a Family Style Reception Dinner. To see the food being placed across a long table & on big platters just simply says home. It is the perfect way to showoff Farm to Table goodness on beautiful platters, something that is always important for a Foodie Bride & Groom. The excitement it brings your guests as they see full delicious platters being placed is one that is unparalleled.

Communal Tables are Comfortable & Fun - There is just something about leaning forward & speaking to the person that is 3 seats away that just says family. They are not only aesthetically beautiful, but functional as well. They are comfortable & automatically scream casual, making your guests feel relaxed & in the moment.

No need for Expensive & Extravagant Centerpieces - The food is the centerpiece & focal point of the tables so there is no need to spend extra money on fancy centerpieces. Instead, the money can be used to provide your guests with that Farm to Table freshness that guests are now craving for when attending any event. The platters filled with colorful beautiful food is going to be the only thing that your guests will want to see & enjoy. Nothing looks more appealing that a long line of fresh food displayed.

Encourages More Guest Interaction - There is nothing that will bring two families closer than the sharing of food! Guests will be serving themselves & passing the platters as they would at any family dinner. This makes for great conversations. Making sure to place family & friends from both the Bride & Groom's side on one long communal table will be important for this interaction to occur.

I hope this helps in considering the Family Style Dinner Reception for your wedding, it truly is a special & memorable way to treat your guests!

With Love,

M ~

Image by the Knot / Stardust Celebrations

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