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Best Things About Country Farm Weddings!

For those looking for natural beauty where simplicity comes to life a Farm Wedding is perfect. Farm & Barn weddings have been pretty popular for quite some time now & they don't seem to be going away. There will always be those couples that love the outdoors & want to express that on their special day.

I have always been intrigued by the beauty of these simple yet elegant weddings. With all the Hustle & Bustle of our lives, it is nice to celebrate something as special as a wedding in a more relaxed setting. Here I list what I find to be the Best Things About Farm Weddings & why I think it is an amazing option for those outdoor enthusiast.

They are more Simple & Relaxed: Farm weddings need less decorating than other types of venues. Using natural florals right from the farm, are not only less expensive, but encouraged at a farm wedding. Natural Florals & lighting is really all you need. Farm weddings automatically give your guests the idea that they can be more relaxed, from the atmosphere to even attire. Although, still elegant, paying attention to shoes is key when attending a farm wedding. Being at a farm wedding will give guests the opportunity to only stay indoors, but explore the outdoors, breathing the fresh air & enjoying the scenery that only a country setting can give.

They have Natural Beauty & are Versatile: As mentioned already, Farm weddings have one of the best of natural beauties. Greenery, Florals & sometimes even mountains can be seen from these magical venues, making them exceptionally beautiful. A couple can decide on just that for their special day with simple touches, or they can add more glitz & glam & still the venue will shine. Modern Day Farm Venues have shinning chandeliers that add that special touch if they do encounter the more Glitzy couple, making these venues very versatile.

They have an Amazing Atmosphere for Photos: The natural beauty of these venues are perfect for photos opportunities. With Breathtaking Views & many areas to choose from these are exceptional when capturing that special day. From mid-day to evening ceremonies, capturing the background & even a sunset is pretty common. Indoors or outdoors in these venues, I always think these pictures come out absolutely beautiful.

They take you & your guests away: Being away from the hustle & bustle is always good. For those who live in the city, getting away to the country for a day or even a weekend is just what they need. I have always left a country farm wedding feeling relaxed & refreshed for some reason. Even the drive there has always brought some peacefulness. The noises, the fresh air & beauty of nature is priceless & enjoying with family & friends makes it that much special.

I hope these reasons will get you excited about planning your Farm, Country Wedding or even excited to attend the next one as a guest!

With Love,


Note: Image from J&D Farm in AL


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