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Seasonal Fall Favor Ideas!

This is a great time of the year to get extra creative with the favors at your event. Using your surroundings for inspiration is always key to not only saving, but getting everyone to enjoy the moment. If we look at what is in season, we see apples, apple cider, mulled wines, fall colorful leaves, brisk cool air, fire pits & let's not forget everything pumpkin. My favorite favors are those that people can actual use & enjoy. Here are a couple of Seasonal Fall Favor Ideas that can get your mind racing.

Seasonal Drinks Try incorporating apple cider as a gift. You can put them in little individual bottles & add an apple cider donut making it a perfect final touch. If apple cider is not something you want to give out, try hot chocolate mixes. These can be put in little containers as well. Adding in layers, you can first add the cocoa, followed by baby marshmellows & topping it off with chopped up peppermint crumbles. Whichever drink favor you choose to give, I will bet that your guests will definitely appreciate taking a bit of your event back home with them.

Experience Favors Favors like these are favors that your guests will take home & will act as a reminder of something that occurred at the event. A good example of this would be to have a fire pit at the end of the night with a S'mores station. Guests can enjoy making S'mores while sitting by the fire. When guests leave they will be given individual gift bags with nicely package S'mores that they can take home & continue to enjoy as a reminder of the special night.

Candy Apples Apples are everywhere during the fall season. In addition to pumpkin, there is apple everything. Candy apples are not only very pretty to look at, but many people love them. The different kinds are endless & having a selection to choose from is key to creating a fun experience for your guests. Your guests will love to take this little token of love with them to enjoy at home.

I hope these small ideas will open up your mind to other Fall Favors that your guests can enjoy. The possibilities are endless during this time of year. Enjoy being creative!

Image by: Wedding Favors Unlimited

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