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Saving Money on Wedding Cakes...

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Weddings are very important, some are simple and some are elaborate, but one thing is for sure, the money that is spent on them can get pretty pricey if we are not mindful. Of course, there are tons of aspects in making the wedding of your dreams come true and so it is expected that some money is to be spent. The hard work that goes into planning the perfect day definitely does not go unnoticed. However, there are ways that vendors can help with bringing your vision to life even if it means working on a smaller budget. When I first speak to my clients I always ask them what is their budget and what are their top 3 "important" things. By important things I mean, what is the thing at their wedding that is a must and needs to be perfect, what is second and so on. This gives me an idea of where I can splurge and where I can find ways to save big time.

From my experience, Cake is somewhere in the middle, Venue, Entertainment & Food usually are on top. With that said, a way to save on your wedding is by cutting the cost of the cake. If you ask any bakery, they will tell you that the more tiers you have, the more money it will cost. Also, the number of cake servings will determine the size of your cake. Generally, three tiers will serve 50 -100 guests. So if you are having 150 guests of more, you will likely need four or more tiers. You can imagine that decorating a 4 tier cake can be extremely costly. So, instead think a bit differently. If you want a beautiful, yet less expensive cake, try something out of the ordinary. No pun intended, but you can have your cake and eat it too, by simply asking your cake designer to make you a smaller 2 tier cake that they will decorate elaborately, exactly how you envision it. This is the cake that you will have on display for all to see. You then ask your cake designer to make a flat sheet simple frosted cake to coordinate with your colors, could be a white sheet cake for instance, this cake will be in the back and ready to be cut when serving begins. No one will know that some of the cake pieces are from the decorated two tier one and some are from the sheet cake out back! If height in a cake display is what you are looking for, today there are so many ways to achieve this look, by adding pedestals, cake stands or even having cakes floating in mid air. I hope this helps you a little in thinking outside the box when it comes to saving on cakes!

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