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5 Ways to Save on Wedding Flowers

Contrary to what many say, there are many ways that you can still have an amazing wedding, in a beautiful memorable place & still save money on certain items. Flowers are an important part of a wedding for many couples. Here, I list five ways in which flowers can be a place where cost can be brought down.

Easily Transferable Flowers Flowers that can be easily moved from one location to the next during the same celebration are ideal. Such as, using flowers at the ceremony & then assigning someone the task of moving them to the reception. This is an excellent way to use flowers for multiple uses & save big money on them. After all, ceremony flowers are only seen for a short period of time, might as well bring them to a place where guests are going to see them for longer.

Choose Flowers that are in Season I cannot stress enough how important it is to use flowers that are in season. Flowers that are in season & available in your area can be easily located & obtained by a florist. Stick to what is around you & not what needs to be shipped from the other side of the country.

Double Purpose for the Bride's Bouquet What happens to the bride's bouquet when she enters the reception area? It is put down somewhere where she then picks it back up if she is going to throw it to the eligible single ladies. Why not do two things: save a space on the couples table or cake table to place the bouquet in as soon as she enters the reception. Then, later throw a much smaller version of your bouquet to the ladies. This way the main bouquet stays on the table looking beautiful & can later be preserved for you.

Grow Your Own Flowers This one will resonate well with those individuals who love to plant & already have experience in a garden. Once you know your date make sure to plant your flowers. Again, this will consist of flowers that are already in season, will grow in your area & be available when your wedding date comes around. This one takes much planning, but the end result is priceless. These flowers usually become the most special because they were cared for & loved for such a long time for that very special occasion.

Share With Another Couple This one may seem weird, but hear me out. If your event venue/space has multiple celebrations during the same day or even a day apart, you can use this to your advantage. Boldly, ask if you can speak to the other couple & see if you can share the cost & use/share the same flowers. This will consist of limiting your selection as it will need to coordinate with the other wedding. But, nonetheless, it will definitely save you money on what could be very expensive flowers.

Hope these 5 tips help you when it comes to saving money on flowers!

With Love,


Image by Heart of NC Weddings

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