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Unique Extras at a Wedding

The time is finally here where we are seeing more couples feeling that excitement again of planning their dream wedding they had to postpone. With that excitement, come new ideas, new trends and new appreciations. Couple are spending time planning out the little details that will make their wedding memorable and show how much they truly missed their family and friends. Here are a couple of ideas that I believe will definitely add that special touch your guests will appreciate and notice!

Trucks, Trucks & More Trucks

This trend of food trucks has been around for a while, however, we are seeing more kinds of trucks available to rent for events. There are trucks with snacks, trucks with just desserts. We see ones that offer specific foods, such as tacos. We even see ice cream trucks which is always a hit. This company I came across in Statesboro GA, I thought, put a unique spin on it. Three Tree Coffee in GA, offers a station specifically catered to just coffee. Although, we do see coffee stations at weddings, displaying it in this manner brings an entirely new twist for those who absolutely love coffee, as well as those who just drink the occasional cup. Displaying and offering common things in a more unique manner is always the key to a memorable moment.

Flower Crowns

This is extremely adorable and so beautiful for those garden weddings, which are pretty popular now. We are seeing now old vintage stations decorated with floral crowns that guests can select from and wear during the wedding. Each crown is similar, but unique and the experience itself is so much fun for the guests. There can also be a second option, such as a flower necklace for those who wish not to wear a crown. Overall, creating this station will be unique and definitely something your guest will remember. Best of all they get to take it home as a keepsake!

Different and Unique Photo Booths

I always like to take an idea and switch it up a bit. With the ever so popular photo booth making it different may be a challenge, but I think I came up with an idea that has taken it on a different direction. Think about what you like, think about your hobbies. If the bride loves to cook, create an imitation prop kitchen, and have items such as aprons, pots and a chefs hat so that your guest can take pictures with. If the groom loves to build things, create a photo booth that mimics a a tool box and garage. Have guests put on tools belts, protective glasses and tools. This idea definitely takes photo booths to another level and incorporating the likes of the bride and groom is always special.

Pop, Pop, Popcorn

With photo slides before and during a wedding reception giving your guests the obvious snack during viewing is a must! Popcorn can be distributed in many different ways. My favorites are Popcorn stations, however, a simple bowl on each table is also a nice touch. For those that want to go big, get a set up of fresh popcorn popping, where guests can serve themselves. If you want to go even bigger and more impactful, look up your local Kettle Popcorn companies, like those you normally see at fairs. Those with big popcorn kettles, the taste of that kind of popcorn and oh the smell, will have your guests definitely coming back for more.

I hope these little ideas will get your mind thinking!

Image by: Three Tree Coffee

With Love,



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