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New Wedding Trends for 2022

With a New Year comes new trends and this year is no different! As we look back at what weddings and events looked like and what they look like today, covid or not, it stays in line with how we constantly need to keep up with change.

However, we can't look over the changes that have taken place because of covid in regards to events. Here are a few of the ones that we have noticed.

Virtual Save the Dates & Invitations

So many couples have had to change their wedding dates time and time again. Because of this, Virtual Save the Dates & Invitations have become a must. However, not all is bad, doing it this way, has brought more ease. It is cheaper to do, it takes shorter time to put together and faster to get RSVPs in time. They also stay in line with the new online trend. Couples now have engagement websites as well as videos created and posted of the wedding itself. This is actually one trend that we see staying around for a long time.

Unique Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor spaces have always been around when it comes to weddings. This year we see couples trying to take it a step further with regards to this. For the colder months we are seeing couples looking for areas that are appealing to the eyes. Such as venues that have Glowing Igloos where guests will dine. This creates a unique experience that guests are surely to remember. We are also seeing couples looking for ways to make the average backyard wedding even more unique. Such as, in huge glass greenhouse. With this look, these spaces are transformed into a magical backyard oasis.

Destination Weddings at "Home"

With travel being as it is, many of the couples are having to remove their idea of having their desired destination wedding. Instead, they are looking for ways to bring the destination to where they are. Doing this takes much creativity, but it is so well worth all the effort. It not only helps the couples realize what they were dreaming of, but it also allows those who would not be able to attend a destination wedding, attend.

There are many other new trends in 2022, however, we found these worth pointing out. In the end we always tell our couples one thing. Whatever look or theme or atmosphere is chosen, make sure to be in the moment and enjoy it yourself!

With Love,


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