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Let's Celebrate: Milestone Birthdays!

Birthdays are still a very big thing when it comes to children. We are now seeing parents celebrating what is called half birthdays, where the child hits 6 months and some type of post or small celebration is occurring.

For some of us older folks, once we hit the big 21, birthday's become a thing of the past. True that some individuals celebrate every year in very special ways, kudos for those who do this.

For those who may not make a big deal of their special day every year, there are definitely milestones that should not go unnoticed and appreciated. Here are some ideas that will make any milestone birthday one that is complexly special and all about you!

Throw a Themed Party What better way than to celebrate who you have become than to celebrate in a way that reflects exactly who you are. If you are a person that loves to always look their very best, throw a fancy attire only party and let everyone join in your excitement. If you love to cook, hire a professional chef that will teach you and your guest how to cook an amazing 4 course meal.

Go on a Trip If there has ever been a place that you wished you could go to but never really planned for it, go for one of your milestone birthdays. It can be with a special loved one, or several, or even a group of close friends. This will definitely be an experience that you will surely never forget. The excitement of planning this will be so worth it. Remember it can as you please, it is your birthday. Whether it is to one location by plane or car, or on a fancy Cruise Ship, it one you must do.

Make it a Spa Day This way of celebrating a birthday is one that gets overlooked sometimes, but it is one of my favorite. We all need that intentional time to take care of ourselves. Scheduling a Spa Day for yourself or with your close friends will be very special. Making it an all day celebration is a must. You can start with the spa, lunch then head out at night for a fancy dinner. This will be one that will be extremely memorable and you will end up feeling refreshed at the end.

With all of these and other ideas, remember that you want to make it special! Hire an Event Planner & Photographer to capture all those special moments for you. Also, if you are not reaching a milestone birthday & simply want to put it together for someone you care for, these are always great ideas & there are many more than you can look up as well.

Enjoy your planning, you are worth it!

With Love,

M ~

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