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3 Fall Venue Ideas

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

As we near the end of Summer & start thinking ahead, I can't help but to think of my absolute favorite time of the year, Fall! The fall has so much to offer & creates the most natural, breathtaking backdrop for any event.

You can definitely use all aspects of fall to create the most amazing fall celebration. However, I like to focus on certain things that are memorable such as the setting or landscape. What guests look at when they are enjoying your celebration is key to a lasting memory. Here are some ideas that may spark some ideas of your own.

On a Farm. Farms offer great natural decorations for any event. Looking for one that has several different spaces is great. Picture an intimate ceremony space with vibrant fall colors, lighting & warm apple cider. Definitely a celebration I'd love to be at.

On a Lake. Lakes are not only absolutely beautiful in the fall, but they are also surrounded by trees. If you live in the Northeast, there is nothing more breathtaking than the foliage of the fall. This is the perfect setting & backdrop for anyone to enjoy. Incorporating a boat somehow is a must, after all you are on a lake.

Outdoors. Being outdoors in the fall is unique on it's own. The smell, the crisp air & the lighting just all seem different. From a backyard event to your town's botanical garden, you cannot go wrong with doing an event or celebration in the outdoors. Adding a fire pit, shawls, & warm drinks are key & helps with the crisp air.

There are many more ideas, but these three are on the top for me. Which are on the top for you?

With Love,


Image by Stoneblossom


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